Syed Alam and Ali Saeed Modeling Stock Prices Project


Every Organization has a mirror of culture and environment which can be shown through their events. Accentedge have conducted different events and parties and are really excited to show some of them which are based on knowledge-sharing and our contribution.

Launch Party

On Thursday, May 24, 2018, Accentedge officially launched our first Digital Innovation Acceleration Lab at 1871. The launch was celebrated with a night of Mexican food, drinks, music and networking. Accentedge was founded by Syed Alam, the Global Leader of Digital Workplace & Cloud Computing for a major Chicago-based biopharmaceutical company. While there Alam worked to successfully protect the company’s proprietary information from inside and outside threats in over 170 countries.

Now, Accentedge uses exclusive technology, based in artificial intelligence and machine learning, processes and services to protect our client’s information, reputation and brands.


Launching technology to provide real solutions for data protection from external and internal threats, by effectively using artificial intelligence and machine learning, and efficiently implementing cloud computing.

The “Accentedge Roadshow” started at their home at 1871 Chicago and then heads to Washington D.C., New York, Boston and Los Angeles to roll out our technology and meet with business leaders to talk about our latest digital computing solutions.

Syed Alam is Founder and CEO at Accentedge. He brings over 30 years of leadership in the fields of information technology, cloud computing analytics and content protection transformation projects. 

He has managed teams for Miller Brewing Company and AbbVie Pharmaceuticals, as well as leading his own successful consulting businesses to help companies with a wide variety of leading-edge IT initiatives.

Web Analytics Wednesday Panel Discussion

InfoTrust and 1871 hosted a Web Analytics Wednesday panel on Wednesday, September 5, 2018. This event was the first of a series of events to be held in Chicago with the goal of bringing analytics professionals together to network and share challenges and solutions within the digital analytics industry.

Through these events, the hope is to create awareness of strategies, trends and tools in analytics as well as bringing the analytics community together for discussion.

Accentedge Founder & CEO, Syed Alam, sat on the panel of experts along with Kim Brown, Karrie Sullivan, Pete Lee and Alex Castrounis.

Facebook Live Event: AI Vs Momentum

As the corporate landscape changes and social media continues to impact the business world, we at Accentedge decided to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to better understand the relationship between a company’s stock price and the public’s perception of a company by evaluating the social media sentiment of that company on Twitter.

Our Summer Intern and Stanford University Student, Ali Saeed, used AI to predict the rate of change in a company’s stock price based on sentiment using an analysis of Tweets mentioning the company. By correlating the stock price and sentiment on Twitter, he was able to see patterns that indicate social media sentiment can be used as a tool to evaluate the public’s perception of the brand.

Ali presented his research findings during a Facebook Live event that took place on Thursday, September 13, 2018.

Cyber Security Chicago Panel

Founder and CEO, Syed Alam, have delivered speech at Cyber Security Chicago on September 26, 2018.

Cyber Security Chicago launched in 2017 as part of the fastest growing cyber security event series that uniquely covers the entire security landscape. 

Now in its 2nd year, Cyber Security Chicago offers invaluable security insight from industry experts on all facets of cyber security and risk mitigation, right in the center of Chicago.

Podcast Launch

Accentedge will the launching a podcast with our first episode focusing on “Emerging Trends in Web Analytics Technology.” Syed Alam, Accentedge Founder and CEO, will host the first episode and speak with industry experts Alex Castrounis and Amin Shawki. 

Alex Castrounis is an advanced analytics executive, practitioner, author and educator with expertise in transforming data into value for people and businesses by leveraging state of the art artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science techniques. 

Amin Shawki is the Head of Growth at InfoTrust, a digital analytics consulting and technology company that primarily serves the eCommerce, News and Media and CPG industries. Additionally, he has experience managing global consulting teams and overseeing all client relationships/projects including web analytics technical implementation and ongoing analysis. Stay tuned for the release of episode one and future episode topics with more industry experts.