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Why Should We Move to Cloud Computing ?

A general question always arises in mind that why companies should move to cloud computing, what are those benefits which we can only get through cloud computing rather than managing home-servers.

There are bales of benefits that we can get only by using cloud computing, some of them we can list as;

  • Flexibility
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Automatic Software Updates
  • Capital Expenditure Free
  • Increased Collaboration
  • Work from anywhere
  • Document Control
  • Security
  • Competitiveness
  • Environmentally Friendly

Benefits of Cloud Computing


Cloud-based services are ideal for businesses, which have increasing or fluctuating bandwidth demands. But in case of cloud, if your needs increase it’s easy to scale up capacity, drawing on the provision’s remote servers. Similarly, if you need to scale down again, the flexibility is baked into the service.

For those Businesses which are using cloud computing have a real advantage over competitors because of agility level. It’s not shocking that CIOs & Directors rank ‘operational agility’ as a first priority for cloud adoption. 

Cloud computing concept - connect to cloud. Businessman or information technologist.

Disaster Recovery

Businesses of all sizes should be investing in robust disaster recovery, but for businesses limited resources, cash and expertise, this is often more an ideal than the reality. Cloud is now helping more organizations acquire that trend. Small businesses are twice as likely as larger companies to have implemented cloud-based backup and recovery solutions that save time, evade large in-house investment and roll up third-party expertise as part of the deal.

Automatic Software Updates

The beauty of cloud computing is that the servers are off-premise, out of sight and out of rigidity. Service providers take care of them for you and roll out regular software updates, including security updates, so don’t need to worry about maintaining the system yourself & wasting time. Leaving you to concentrate on developing your business strategy.

Capital-Expenditure Free

Cloud computing removes the significant expense of equipment. You basically pay more only when need arises and appreciate a subscription-based model that cares about your cash flow. Add to that simplicity of arrangement, board and surprisingly your growing business, hairy IT project looks at lot friendlier. Anyhow, it’s never so easier to move your first step to cloud adoption.

Increased collaboration

When your teams can retrieve, edit and share documents anytime from anywhere, they would able to do more together in a better way. Cloud-based work process and record sharing applications make refreshes progressively in real time and gives them full visibility of their joint efforts.

Work from anywhere

With cloud computing, you just need an internet connection to be at work. Some cloud supplier offers mobile apps, you’re not restricted to any special device by which you’ve got to use. So, whatever device you are using, you can be connected to your job.

The result? Organizations can offer increasingly adaptable working advantages to employees so they can adore the work-life balance that suits them. One survey reported that 42% of employees would swap a bit of their compensation for the capacity to work from home. Typically, they’d be eager to accept a 6% cut in salary.

Document control

The more workers and accomplices team up on reports, the more noteworthy the requirement for watertight record control. Before the cloud, workers needed to send records to as email connections to be worked on by each client in turn. At some point during the work, you end up with a mess of clashing record content, arrangements and titles. What’s more, as even the organizations become increasingly worldwide, the degree for difficulty rises. As indicated by one examination, “73% of workers convey information with individuals in various time zones and locations at least monthly”.


Lost laptops are a billion-dollar business problem. And yeah, greater loss is losing expensive piece of kit, but more is the loss of the sensitive data inside it. Cloud computing gives greater security of data if it happens. As your data is stored in the cloud, you can retrieve it, whatever happens to your machine. And you can evenly wipe all data from lost laptops remotely, so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.


Wish there should a simple step you could take to turn out more competitive? Moving to the cloud can give you the technology access of enterprise-class. Additionally, it permits smaller organizations to act faster than built up rivals. Pay-more only as costs arise administration and cloud business applications mean small outfits can run with the big boys, and disrupt the market, while remaining lean and deft.

Environmentally friendly

While the above points spell enough about the benefits of cloud computing for any business firm. Moving to cloud also effect environment gets a little love too. When requirement needs fluctuate, your server capacity scales up and down as you want to set it up.

So, you only utilize resources as needed and you don’t leave over-sized spaces. This is something close to our hearts at Accentedge, where we try our best to create bearable resolutions with slightly environmental impact.