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Who We Are

Accentedge is a digital solutions company that is based in Chicago. Founder and CEO, Syed Alam, started accentedge, because he saw a need that was not being met. As the global leader of Digital Workplace and Cloud Computing for a leading biopharmaceutical company, he was responsible for protecting computing platforms in 170+ countries. 

When looking to bid out IT projects, he realized that top consultants would consistently present plans that proposed assigning a team to the project, but the proposals all failed to describe a path that focused on the solution to the problem. As a result, he founded accentedge, a company that focuses on providing products and services for digital transformation that provide real solutions. We deliver major cost reductions, streamlined workflow, automated processes, and improved compliance. By deploying enterprise-level solutions we have enhanced profitability for some of the largest organizations in the public and private sector.

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