Secure the Services

Using New Technology To Protect Our Future

One of the reputed U.S security department wants to enhance their high-level security clearance capabilities, they look to Accentedge for answers.

The current method for issuing a security clearance is outdated and slow – and can still miss key information that would disqualify a candidate from being approved.  The challenge, department faces is the ability to review large amounts of data to accurately say if a security clearance should be issued.

We can now use Artificial Intelligence to improve the way we do identity resolution – and accurately verify a security clearance.  The technology allows us to sort data from a wide number of sources – and then combine and analyze the information to ensure the validity of the applicant.

Our identity resolution process combines data to construct a “Persona” of the candidate.  We include behavior markers to identify previously-unknown aspects of their identity. This method allows us to take a broader look at an individual – to quickly and accurately resolve security clearances, while anticipating ever-evolving security threats.

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