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Taking Flight Using Sentiment Analytics

Big changes are coming to the airline industry – as airlines are realizing they need to regain the trust of their most important asset, their customer. 

The national Net Promoter Score index recently ranked airlines near the bottom of the list for brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. The survey has been a wake-up call for industry leaders who realize they need to reverse current trends to win back customer loyalty and stay competitive. 

Net Promoter Score

One major airline is incorporating a new technology, developed by Accentedge, that uses Sentiment Analytics to better understand their customer.

Since 70% of human communication is non-verbal, Sentiment Analytics measures non-verbal cues throughout the customer journey to give a more accurate picture of the customer’s experience.

The technology allows the airline to see problem areas in real time, and then make both short- term and long-term adjustments to alleviate the problem.

Accentedge Analytics

Some changes fliers can expect to see as a result of this new customer-focused approach: 

  • Streamlined ticketing procedures and phone apps that make it simple to choose a seat, order a custom meal, and quickly book a flight itinerary. 
  • New departure gate designs that look more like an upscale cafe and have all gate staff capable of adjusting seat assignments, responding to special requests and efficiently serving stand-by passengers. 
  • In-flight messages to the passenger that anticipate a late arrival and make it easy to re-book a connecting flight before the plane has landed.

By understanding their customer at every step of their journey, airlines are now using this technology to drive priorities to improve all aspects of airline travel and customer experience.

At Accentedge, we provide the tools that leading companies use to transform their industry – and win back customer loyalty.