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Our Strategic Partners

Accentedge collaborates with its partners to deliver more innovative, effective and successful projects. Our partner’s support has been vital in achieving Accentedge’s mission and vision.

Accentedge and Google

With the ever-growing demand for air travel and emerging new air passenger carriers, airlines are realizing the need to regain the trust of their most important asset, their customers.

To add to the anxiety of major airlines was a recent Net Promoter Score index study which ranked airlines near the bottom of the list for brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. The survey has been a wake-up call for industry leaders who realize they need to reverse current trends to win back customer loyalty and stay competitive.

Accentedge in collaboration with Google uses Sentiment Analytics to understand and provide a better customer experience in the aviation industry. 

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Utilizing cutting edge Google features like Machine Learning and Computer Vision, Accentedge was able to develop and comprehend the Net Promoter Score Index for one of the largest airlines of the world.

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Accentedge and AWS

Accentedge works with top technology providers like Amazon Web Services to help your business maximize efficiency and optimize revenue. A leading transportation logistics company wanted to increase efficiencies in their supply-chain operations, they turned to accentedge for help.

The company was already successful in using AI and Machine Learning technology to manage their transportation logistics, but realized much of their operations still depended on outdated technology. Our solution involved migrating their existing systems to a secured cloud-based Amazon Web Services(AWS) platform.

The new system provides the ability to streamline communications, track deliveries, and optimize logistics across all operations. The overall upgrade is expected to bring a 30% savings in operations costs over the next three years.

Whether you need to migrate your legacy systems to cloud or customize already existing resources on cloud for internal business processes, accentedge’s trusted partners help get it done.

Accentedge and Microsoft

At accentedge, we work with Microsoft to help deliver digital transformation using leading development tools, virtual testing environments and some of the best software available. Through our Microsoft partnership, we can deploy Microsoft Office 365 cloud and hybrid solutions to provide secure, efficient and cost saving solutions.  Microsoft is known for providing some of the most advanced, robust and user-friendly applications – and harnessing this technology means greater creativity, communication and collaboration capabilities that will keep your business at the forefront of technology.

We partner with Microsoft because they understand business and provide a wide range of solutions that are aimed at helping businesses build, bring their product to market and sell. Our team at accentedge is ready to work with you to ensure your company has the best tools possible to work together, innovate and be successful.

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