Logistics Concept


For Schneider Logistics (www.schneider.com) one of the largest logistics management companies in the world we developed a system that optimized utilization of trucks, trailers, and drivers by reducing down-time due to inefficient resource allocation which resulted in increased revenue of up to $45 million.

A New Day for Transportation Logistics – How Successful Companies Are Meeting the Challenge

Times are changing for companies that provide logistics and transportation management. Rising costs of fuel, equipment and labor mean that in order to thrive, logistics companies have to be smarter in how they ship.

The success of logistics management depends on the ability to utilize various forms of transportation in the most efficient way possible.  Intermodal, LTL and small parcel delivery have revolutionized the industry, but in order to meet current demands, shippers and carriers have to get even smarter in how they deliver goods in a cost-effective manner.

So, when a leading transportation logistics company wanted to increase efficiencies in their supply-chain operations, they turned to accentedge for help.  The company was already successful in using AI and Machine Learning technology to manage their transportation logistics, but realized much of their operations still depended on outdated technology.

Packages are transported in high tech setting

Our solution involved migrating their existing systems to a secured cloud-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.  The new system provides the ability to streamline communications, track deliveries, and optimize logistics across all operations.  The overall upgrade is expected to bring a 30% savings in operations costs over the next three years.

At accentedge, we care that your business works.  Let our team show you that we understand your needs and provide solutions that bring workability, help reduce costs and ensure your long-term success.