Company Overview
for the
United States Senate

Corporate Background

accentedge LLC is an IT digital solutions company based in Chicago that brings over 35 years of experience working with leading global companies, government agencies and organizations – to improve efficiencies, implement new technology and bring digital transformation to outdated systems.

We are a leader in providing Analytics, Project Management, Websites, Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity – and work closely with our clients to bring these skills, technical knowledge and talented staff to every project we undertake.

We have provided our expertise to support leading global companies and government agencies including United Airlines, Discover Financial Services, the Veterans Administration, the State of Wisconsin, Abbvie Pharmaceuticals, Echo Logistics and many others, to realize efficiencies – while delivering millions of dollars in cost savings by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, top-notch talent, and industry best practices for agile program management and technology enablement.

Our Website Development and Design Team includes a former U.S. Senator, WordPress experts and staff experienced with creating House, Senate and campaign websites. Our partner, Alpha Particle – is one of the top WordPress developers in the country.

Past Performance

We bring a wide range of professional experience to provide the best quality website design.

Our team has designed websites for political campaigns, State representatives and members of Congress.  Our partner, Alpha Particle, builds and develops sites for leading corporate clients including Rolling Stone, the Sourcing Journal, Tandem and Strata Decision Technology.

Our government knowledge, along with our strong corporate experience ensures your website will not just meet the basic requirements, but provide sleek, modern design along with an easy-to-navigate, mobile-device-friendly, interactive platform that represents your values and brand image.

Design Layout

The best Senate websites are ones that demonstrate a Senator who is connected to their constituents, in touch with the values of their home state and provide easy-to-access and up-to-date useful information.  The layout, colors and images need to be carefully chosen to deliver a cohesive overall message with modern, sleek design.

That is why we have created Aurelius Studio – a one-stop platform for our Senate clients to manage every aspect of your custom website including:

  • Sample website pages and forms;
  • Design ideas and implementation;
  • Site management and analytics;
  • Ability for staff to quickly upload images, press releases, videos and social media content.

We make it easy for you to have an up-to-date, functional site that reflects you and provides useful, current information to your constituents.

To learn more about Aurelius Studio visit:

As you will see on this site, we demonstrate features including Spanish Language Translation, ADA accessibility, custom-designed logo and site log, use of video wallpaper, sample forms, dynamic legislation and voting record, photo galleries and much more.

Your website can be implemented quickly where a mockup will be available in a matter of days and a fully functioning website in about a month.

Our staff will work closely with you to develop the best site possible.  We will take your ideas, input and values to create the best customer experience possible.

Project Management

Working together as a single team with Senate Sargeant at Arms (SAA) and Senate Offices, we will use agile Project Management and Software Development “best practices” – powered by state-of-the-art project and defect management platform.

We will work closely with your Office at each stage of the process including design, development, implementation, training and ongoing support – and will utilize a state-of-the-art framework to quickly arrive at the most desirable user experience in the fastest time possible for your website.

Finally, we will meet each requirement, deliverable and task in letter and in spirit as described in the task order and resolving any issues and concerns brought to our attention completely and as soon as possible through a robust issue resolution process.

We look forward to partnering with you build an interactive website that you and your staff can keep up-to-date with minimal effort – and your constituents will stay engaged and informed.