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AWS Automation Pack
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AWS Service Catalog Connector

This product will let you provision the following resources in AWS to connect them with ServiceNow.


SC Connect Launch Role

The following permissions will be attached to SC Connect Launch role:

  1. Amazon EC2 full access (Managed Policy)
  2. Amazon S3 full access (Managed Policy)
  3. Amazon Cloud Formation full access (Inline Policy)
  4. Service Catalog SSM Action Baseline (Inline Policy)

SC End User

The following permissions will be attached to SC End User role:

  1. Amazon EC2 Read only access (Managed Policy)
  2. Amazon S3 Read only access (Managed Policy)
  3. Service Catalog End User Full Access (Managed Policy)
  4. Service Catalog Service Now Additional permission (Inline Policy)
AWS SNOW Connector


SC Sync User

The following permission will be attached to SC Sync User:

1. Snow SSM Action Policy (Inline Policy)

SC End User

The following permission will be attached to SC Sync User:

1. Sts Assume SC (Inline Policy)



The Compute feature lets you provision an Amazon EC2 instance running the Amazon Linux AMI. The AMI will be chosen based on the region in which the stack is run.  It will also create an EC2 security group for the instance to give the SSH access.

Load Balancer

AWS Elastic Load Balancer

The Load Balancer product allows you to provision a load balanced, auto scaled website where the instances are locked down to only accept traffic from the load balancer. It will also create an Auto Scaling group behind a load balancer with a simple health check. The web site will be available on port 80, however, the instances can be configured to listen on any port (8888 by default).

Relational Database

AWS Relational Database

The Relational Database lets you to provision a highly available, RDS DBInstance with a read replica.


AWS Redshift

Redshift lets you provision a redshift cluster.


AWS Identity and Access Management

IAM allows you to create IAM users, groups and policies. It creates a single user that is a member of a user’s group and an admin group. The groups each have different IAM policies associated with them.



AWS Virtual Private Cloud

VPC lets you provision an isolated section called VPC in the Cloud and add an EC2 instance with an Elastic IP address and a security group.


AWS S3 Bucket

The Storage feature lets you create a publicly accessible S3 bucket configured for website access with a deletion policy of retain on delete.